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Restoration of Classic and Muscle Cars

About C&J Classic Cars.

C&J Classic Cars has been in business and serving the industry for over fifteen years.  When we first began, we were simply a small shop with one thing in mind, to fill the need for quality and affordable small business services.  It quickly became apparent that many people where struggling with finding someone who would “give it to them straight”.

As our reputation grew, so did our client base which included a large portion of repeat customers.  These repeat clients became our best advertising.  As the demand for our services grew, so did the products and services that we began to offer.

We made a decision when we first began to always plan for the long term.  A long term commitment means long term investments in personnel, training and equipment.  You can be rest assured that we will still be here next week after your project is complete or product is purchased.  Our life blood is our clients and that is where we make the greatest commitment of all.




C & J’s Classic & Muscle Cars LLC – 19800 W. Route 66, Lebanon, MO 65536

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